Having Been Adopted...

... and how I feel about it now, over 50 years later. Regardless of how I might have felt at the time, what I might have wanted or even what might have been better for me in the long run, my future appears to have been neatly arranged for me by complete strangers well before I was even born. Or was it?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

~ The First Anniversary ~

One year ago today, my mother died. My other mother, my second mother, the only mother I ever knew… the one I called "Mommy" - and still do.

I lit four white votive candles this morning and said quietly, "For you, Mommy..." and I felt my eyes get hot and the tears spilled.

I called my sister to see how she was doing... she'd taken a rare sick day from work and was at home - and was doing just so-so.

I have not felt my mom's presence at all in the past year - not the way I felt my dad still lingering and watching over me... not the way I've felt my first mother's presence and guidance ever since I can remember... my mom is just --- gone.

Gone. But not ever forgotten.


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