Having Been Adopted...

... and how I feel about it now, over 50 years later. Regardless of how I might have felt at the time, what I might have wanted or even what might have been better for me in the long run, my future appears to have been neatly arranged for me by complete strangers well before I was even born. Or was it?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

~ The 49th Anniversary ~

For the first time in 32 years I didn't feel the sharp sting of sorrow that has always pierced my heart on April 21st.

For the first time I didn't feel as though an icy hand had reached inside my chest and gripped that heart, squeezing every last drop of blood out of it.

For the first time I didn't feel completely consumed with helpless sorrow and fury.

And - though I still felt sadness - with it and softening it, for the first time in 32 years I felt something new - a sense of calm and peaceā€¦ and as though every tiny drop in the sea makes a vast difference to the world.


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